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Meat and Layer Poultry Concentrate

Laying hens concentrates based on the growth period and characteristics of the production are highly specialized as three types of special concentrates for breeding and production, so that production efficiency is proportional to the genetic potential of the strain during the laying period.

Dunn Pellet For Broiler Breeding

Don is prepared based on the common Iranian climate conditions and the control of metabolic abnormalities associated with the use of donut pellets based on digestible amino acid index

Doll Pellets For Breeding Turkey Meat

The first week of turkey breeding was especially important so that the bird should be encouraged to consume as much feed as possible, so the physical form and the raw materials used, especially the protein source, should be good and have high digestibility

Various Types of Animal Concentrates

The first food that can be used from the first week of birth in calf feeding, and its sweetness increases the calf consumption

Advantages of using Starter include the possibility of early calving, rapid growth and development of the gastrointestinal tract, and the readiness to enter the next stage, namely, lactation

Dunn Pellet For Breeding Guail

The quail quail is designed and developed to meet the nutritional requirements of quail for two stages of growth and laying, which, in view of the high growth rate of the bird, fully meets all nutritional requirements

Horse Concentrate

Our product provides the best formulation of food with high quality and healthy food, which has been approved by the factory’s quality control unit, using modern heat treatment methods, which are also safe from contamination of raw materials, as well as Suitable for feeding on growing horses, mare and racing

Trout Feed

In preparation of salmon formula, to obtain the maximum amount of fillet, the minimum amount of fat and the most suitable conversion factor, the latest scientific findings regarding the type and composition of good raw materials, machinery, modern technology, experiences, Scientific achievements and expert and efficient forces have been used

Carp Feed

In preparing the formulas of carp, using high-quality raw materials processed with the technology of day, while providing the nutrients needed for this aquatic environment, special attention has been paid to the quality of the fish carcasses

Need Our Advice & Suggestions?

No antibiotics and antibiotics have been used in fasting concentrates. If you are interested in using anti-coccidiosis in your concentrate, please contact the technical department of the company. If the water is saline region, in order to get salt-free concentrate or with less salt, please contact the technical department of the company.

Considering that proposed diets with laying hens based on chicken strain, flock age, consumption of feed are variable, contact the company’s technical department to receive recommended rations with Layer Concentrates.

Behparvar Company

The use of expert and efficient manpower, modern machinery and technology, good materials, scientific experiences and achievements, along with continuously controlling the production process, are the key to the success of the company.

The result of this continuous effort is a variety of healthy products that have been available to dear consumers for many years and have always been well received.

Behparvar factory was established in 1358 and after the installation of machinery and during the experimental stages of production, in 1364 officially the operation of the factory began.

The equipment and machinery of the factory is being developed by Boller (Germany, Switzerland). The modern laboratory of the plant, equipped with facilities such as Atomic Absorption, is an active part of the complex which plays a key role in the continuity of the company’s qualitative production activities.

Behvarvar Research and Development Unit, through continuous management and supervision of the production and research process in new areas of livestock feed, poultry and aquaculture, ensures the company’s successful presence in domestic and foreign markets. Establishing a comprehensive system of control and quality assurance at the factory, according to ISO 9001: 2000 standards and HACCP, has made it possible to continue the production of high quality products.