About Behparvar

The use of expert and efficient manpower, modern machinery and technology, good materials, scientific experiences and achievements, along with continuously controlling the production process, are the key to the success of the company.

The result of this continuous effort is a variety of healthy products that have been available to dear consumers for many years and have always been well received.

Behparvar factory was established in 1358 and after the installation of machinery and during the experimental stages of production, in 1364 officially the operation of the factory began.

The equipment and machinery of the factory is being developed by Boller (Germany, Switzerland). The modern laboratory of the plant, equipped with facilities such as Atomic Absorption, is an active part of the complex which plays a key role in the continuity of the company’s qualitative production activities.

Behvarvar Research and Development Unit, through continuous management and supervision of the production and research process in new areas of livestock feed, poultry and aquaculture, ensures the company’s successful presence in domestic and foreign markets. Establishing a comprehensive system of control and quality assurance at the factory, according to ISO 9001: 2000 standards and HACCP, has made it possible to continue the production of high quality products.


Behparvar Company was established in 1356 by the efforts of Yazdanian brothers and some other leading veterinarians in the field of animal feed and poultry based on the principle of quality and hygienic products that can supply livestock, poultry and aquatic food. Behparvar factory was built in 1364 after the design and installation of modern machinery manufactured by Boler Company (Germany and Switzerland) on an area of ​​13550 square meters in km 20 of Tehran-Karaj road with a total area of ​​7,000 square meters in seven floors, including silos The grain of 10,000 tons was imported as one of the largest and most modern food producing factories in the country.

The factory is able to provide a high-quality, hygienic product with a 30-ton, full-time, concentrate and ready-to-eat feed with two distinct pellet lines. The company also took another step in upgrading the production of the factory in 2006 by purchasing and installing new Expander and Rotary Spray machines from Cal Company.

It should be noted that Behparvar management complex has contracted in 1396 to launch a third line of production based on machinery of a new generation (aquarium feeder) extruder with the Kal company of Germany, and Enslahallah will be operational in the near future (1397). The company hopes to provide another service in the field of animal feed, poultry and aquaculture.

Behravar Co., with its experienced team of experts, as well as its advanced quality control laboratory, guarantees a perfectly healthy and healthy product for you. Production, quality control and after-sales services from the start to the end of the period are committed to the provision of services and support by our customers, and the intimate companions of the breeders.

Currently the company’s products include:

  • Supplements, concentrates and feeds for all types of aquatic animals
  • Supplements, Concentrates and Feeding Meat and Layer Poultry
  • Supplements, Concentrates, and Milk and Meat Feeding
  • A variety of complete animal feeds for research centers in the country
  • Complete pet foods (dogs, cats, ornamental fish and …)
  • Supplements, concentrates and edible products on customer’s order
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